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Blood Hounds

by | 9th, May 2003

‘EVERY Berliner and Malaysian master chef knows that a puppy need not be just for Christmas.

Thanks to Tiddles Coats, Rex could be the cat he always wanted to be

When combined with the pelts of 41 little puppy pals, your pooch can be warm and comforting – something to snuggle up close to every day of week.

This development in canine care stems from the Mail’s front-page story about the ‘scandal’ of the fur coat made from 42 Alsatian puppies.

Having been invited inside the paper, readers are confronted with the ‘horrific trade’ in cat and dog fur.

The story goes that cats and dogs in Belgium are – allegedly – being killed to make coats, blankets, and the lining for gloves and ski boots.

This is clearly an outrage. Surely these animals could be put to better use, like lagging the boiler and car-seat covers.

And while we wait for the next catalogue, we note that today’s range, apparently, includes a blanket made from the furry parts of four golden retrievers.

Just think, when the chill wind of winter bites, you don’t have to move to get that spare blanket – you can just whistle.

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