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The Eyes Have It

by | 9th, May 2003

‘DAVID Platt, the boychild who shares a name with an England footballer of yesteryear and a face with Robbie Williams, is making peace with Vera.

Kirk has another thought

He did this in the manner of George Bush – and lobbed a large angry house brick, of the type found in northern streets after riots, through the window of Vera’s stone-clad hovel. And it worked.

Soon David was in Vera’s house, sharing a cup of her witches brew and warbling on about how he can hear mum Gail sobbing herself to sleep at night.

How we laughed.

But soon we were worried. Les and Kirk were hatching a comedy plot, which if it had been an egg would have been small and misshapen. And rotten.

Les was having trouble getting a character witness for his trial. So Kirk called in Swanny, a thug with a thick neck and head to have a go at Les in the Rovers.

This he did for £20. But as luck had it, when the row ensued, Les forgot to duck and got a right-hander in the eye. And then (Ho! Ho!), Kirk couldn’t pay Swanny. Bosh! Eyes a la mode for Kirk and Les.

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