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by | 9th, May 2003

‘XENIA Gorbachev has much to thank her dear old grandfather Mikhail for.

‘And then this pigeon…’

If it weren’t for him, her wedding to Kirill Solod would have been a date with pickled herring (both kinds), vodka that guarantees to get guests blind, drunk or blind-drunk and as much salt as you can eat.

But Russia is not what it once was and the wedding celebrations included the trappings that have made the West the decadent place it is today.

There was a ‘towing wedding cake’, fresh berries (canned 2001!), and other delicious treats served up by ‘the most exclusive catering service in Moscow’.

It had it all.

All that’s left to do is to wish the happy couple the very best of what the free market and capitalism have to offer – namely, a speedy divorce and a chance to sell their stories of what went wrong for a shed-load of money.

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