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And Baby Makes Two

by | 9th, May 2003

‘CELEBRITY decoding No.43: ‘My baby always comes first.’

Like father, like daughter-in-law

This has one of three meanings. It either means ‘My career’s on the skids and I’m stuck at home with nothing better to do’ or ‘I can’t get a man for love or money.’ Or, of course, both.

This week, we can look at two examples, courtesy of OK! magazine.

The first comes from Emma Noble, one-time model, one-time actress and one-time wife of James Major (son of one-time Prime Minister John Major).

‘I want to be a success, but my little boy will always come first,’ she is quoted as saying.

Not a particularly hard job for three-year-old Harrison at the moment, however.

Mum’s out of work after the show she was in, Crossroads, was axed, and Mum’s clean out of a husband after her four-year marriage came a cropper.

But Mum’s not ‘a fuss-and-nonsense person’.

‘I’m a terrible worrier, but then when it’s all over, I forget,’ she says. ‘I wouldn’t say nothing touches me because it clearly does, but things move on. There’s no point in looking back.’

There may be no point, but that’s not going to stop OK!, which is more than happy to pick over the bones of Emma’s marriage and remind her of some of the things she has said in the past.

Such as ‘We both believe marriage is for ever and I couldn’t bear it if we split up’ and ‘Infidelity would not be forgivable in my relationship’…

The second example is provided by another former soap star, Tina Hobley, who ‘reveals why no man can compete with the love of her life – her beautiful daughter Isabella’.

Again, this may have something to do with the fact that she also separated from her husband Steve Wallington – also after four years of marriage – a few months ago.

Tina is at least currently working – the former Coronation Street barmaid has been to nursing college and is now helping out on the wards of Holby General.

But it is only to provide for her daughter. ‘She’s the most important person in my life – nothing else matters,’ she says.

Yes, nothing else matters when there is nothing else…

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