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The Wages Of Sin

by | 14th, May 2003

‘WITH Boris The Badger’s alibi cast in stone – ‘I’m dead, yer ‘onour’ – police are still looking for the gang that stole a Parcelforce van that was carrying GCSE exam papers.

Class dunce

The Times says that as a result the exams have had to be rewritten – so anyone in possession of an illicit paper needs to think about doing some revision, or robbing another van.

The caper could even be worked into a Charles Clarke vocational exam in ‘Crime – And How To Live Off It’.

Such a course would be a big hit with students, and doubtless take in a module on pick-pocketing, a skill that is very much in evidence in parts of Colombia, according to the Telegraph.

When that country’s president, Alvaro Uribe, went on a meet-and-greet walk around the northern city of Bucaramanga, he failed to spot that his wallet has been pinched.

Elected on a law and order ticket, Mr Uribe was, according to his spokesman, keen to downplay the incident.

‘They are poor people,’ he is said to have uttered. ‘We have to give them a second chance.’

Or a retake, as the Education Secretary might have it.

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