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Hitting A Bum Note

by | 14th, May 2003

‘LISA Scott-Lee has ambitions. She wants to be the new Kylie. And she reckons she’s got the bottom to do it.

‘I am a cheeky girl…’

So, ‘like the Aussie pop princess’, the 26-year-old former Steps star decided to capitalise on her best asset as she gyrated on stage at G.A.Y.

‘She left little to the imagination,’ says the Mirror, ‘as she pouted and preened her way around the stage, setting off her ‘raunchy’ look with a dodgy medallion and a strange laced-up white leather cuff.’

The Sun reckons Scott-Lee has memorised Kylie’s every move for the performance in what the Star calls ‘a last-ditch attempt’ to promote her new single.

Let’s hope the British public gives her the bum’s rush she so richly deserves.

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