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An Everyday Tale

by | 15th, May 2003

‘IN days of yore, Lady Helen Windsor was a darling of the tabloids with a tabloid nickname to match – Lady Helen ”Melons” Windsor.

Lady H had a feeling she was being stalked by Superman

These days, however, the only thing you are likely to see protruding from the chest of the 39-year-old daughter of the Duke and Duchess Of Kent is her new baby, Eloise.

Eloise is only two months old, but is already a great advert for a balanced melon diet.

As for Mum, Lady Helen may be 25th in line to the throne, but she is determined to play down her Royal pedigree, insists Hello!

Her accent is, we are told, ”well-spoken but classless” and to all intents and purposes she is just a regular gel.

As Hello! catches up with her in her five-bedroom house in Belgravia, Lady Helen is exhausted.

Husband Tim is out, presumably overseeing his new art gallery, which opens on May 20 in Dering Street. And sons Columbus and Cassius are at school.

It is a situation that, we are sure, mothers up and down the country can relate to.

And not only that, but Lady Helen has to juggle all this with her job – as global fashion ambassador for Giorgio Armani.

But at least she has help from hubby Tim – when he’s not opening a new art gallery, that is.

”He has always been a very hands-on father,” says Lady Helen. ”I do most of it because I’m better at it, but he’s very good at bringing up cups of tea in the morning.”

The epitome of a modern man – and so much preferable to one who brings up pints of lager in the evening…

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