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A Swede And A Leak

by | 15th, May 2003

‘HOW did the news that celebrity shagger Ulrika Jonsson and Lance Gerrard-Wright were engaged leak out?

Lancelot and Lanced-a-lot

Well, the news broke on a visit to her future in-laws’ house in Folkingham, Lincolnshire – and the culprit appears to have been a local shopkeeper.

According to one observer, Ulrika asked the owner of the village store: ”Can you keep a secret?” After being reassured that he couldn’t, she flashed her ring.

”Then she said, ‘I’m getting engaged’,” reports the observer. ”She then kissed him three times.”

The poor shopkeeper was momentarily stunned, fearing for a second that he had just committed himself to becoming Ulrika’s Husband No.3.

But it all worked out all right in the end – the photographers quickly turned up in Folkingham and Ulrika was able to flash her ring and a smile at a much wider audience.

In fact, the only downside on the whole thing was that the £5,000 platinum and diamond ring Lance had bought his Swedish belle was the wrong size.

”Although she could initially wear the ring,” says Hello!, ”she was in pain every time she moved her finger and it had to be returned to Tiffany to be enlarged.”

Given the number of times Ulrika has been engaged, you would have thought the jeweller would have a template of her finger by now…

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