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Fat Friends

by | 16th, May 2003

”’I GIVE this ring as a sign of our love, that now I make the choice to share this life with you. Let my arms be your haven, let my heart be your home.”

”Doesn’t she look lovely…?”

And with words that serve to explain why actors use a scriptwriter, Friends star Matt LeBlanc plighted his troth to former model Melissa McKnight.

She then repeated the words – that are now forever etched in cheese – and the two were duly pronounced photo opportunity and wife.

And what photographs there are. Sadly, they all appear to have been taken from the wrong side of a sand dune on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Undeterred by an overlooked invitation to party with the LeBlancs, the Enquirer took its happy snapper and went down to the beach, where wedding guests Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston were in their bikinis.

Over the page, and the two friends of the groom were still in their two-piece swimsuits, and had been joined by a large-boned girlfriend dressed in many acres of red swimsuit.

Jenn can be seen looking at her unnamed pal while placing her hand over her heart and adopting a look of horror. How did someone so large get in shot?

Well, Jenn, this what you get for leaving Hollywood – having to share lens coverage with fat people, who expect to sit on the same bit of sand as the slim and perfect.

It is just so very wrong.

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