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The Braidy Bunch

by | 19th, May 2003

‘DAVID Beckham’s making the headlines again, or should that be the hairlines.

A Blair hair day

That’s a joke – of sorts – but no-one’s laughing in what was Fleet Street as they’re too busy rubbing their traumatised scalps.

Whereas the Mail opts for the routine job of just picturing the changing locks of the English footballer in a piece entitled ”Hair We Go Again”, the rest send out their work experience drones to get their hair done.

The Mirror hears Victoria call over its appalling 3am Girls to tell them: ”I love his new hairstyle – but, look, David has already burnt his head in the sun!”

But the real news is found beneath that expose of an expose, where ”Mirrorman” Tom gets his hair braided in the Beckham manner.

While Tom takes a first tentative step on the way to becoming the paper’s editor/laughing stock, Neal Kirby steps on the Express’ ladder to the top.

Neal, like Tom, doesn’t get to write a word, and is employed in the mode of a hairdressing model simply to sit down, shut up and then pose for a hideous black-and-white still.

But it’s the Sun that takes the biscuit. Unable to find a willing junior, the paper instead superimposes the braided look on the bonces of Prince William, John Prescott and Tony Blair.

The worry is that if he thought it would make him more popular, Tony might actually adopt the look for real. Well, go for it, Tone, it will…

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