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Shaw Enough

by | 20th, May 2003

‘SOMEONE else learning a harsh lesson is Tracy Shaw, the woman who has made taking her clothes off a career choice.

Robert’s plans to keep Tracy at home didn’t work

The Star says that the actress has had the marital door slammed in her face by her estranged husband Robert Ashworth.

The story goes that Tracy was ready to sit down and talk about her marriage with Robert. But Robert was having none of it.

After confiding in a close friend (who tells us) how it was over, Robert gave his reasons.

‘I’m the one who’s been here looking after the dog all the time she’s been out and all over the place,’ whines Robert.

This is sad stuff. No, really it is. Because it paves the way for Tracy to talk about her marriage break-up in the weeks to come.

Which at least means Robert will get to see more of her. Problem is, so will the rest of us…

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