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Dark, Satanic Mills

by | 20th, May 2003

‘BY rights, Heather Mills should be the darling of the British press – the glamour model who lost a leg, picked herself up and campaigned tirelessly for landmine victims before falling in love and marrying the most famous British pop star of them all, Sir Paul McCartney.

Paul and Heather always won the three-legged race

She claims that it was her marriage to McCartney that was the turning point in her relationship with the press, blaming the ‘tall poppy’ syndrome for the bad coverage she has received in the last couple of years.

But there is more to it than that – as tonight’s Tabloid Tales demonstrates. Publicly at least, Heather Mills isn’t particularly easy to like, and rumours of a feud between her and her step-children are only too believable.

She has also been one of many people who have found that trying to use the press to her advantage (as she did in the aftermath of her accident and has done ever since) is like dining with the devil.

The trouble was she didn’t bring a long enough spoon.

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