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Camera Shy

by | 21st, May 2003

‘YOU’D think that being married to an Oscar-winning movie star would have cured Michael Douglas of his chronic shyness. But no.

The Douglases had no luck finding their missing baby

It seems Michael, who along with his wife Catherine Zeta Jones famously sued a glossy magazine for publishing photographs which left them feeling ”violated and upset”, is in hiding.

Every time a camera is pushed in his direction Michael holds aloft a card to block the snapper’s view. That the card should have printed on it a photograph of his new child is cruel luck.

As a result the papers are full of the picture of the newest Douglas.

Thus forced to talk about her, Douglas can be heard telling viewers of American TV’s The Tonight Show that ”her name is Carys. It’s a Welsh name which means ‘to love”’.

In the Mail, which also saw the show, Douglas is heard telling the world about Carys’ dimple – ”the famous dimple”, as it is now – and how Dylan, the couple’s other child, is ”two years and nine months” old.

It’s tough to tear ourselves away from such showbiz insight, but moving back to the Sun, we also learn that Catherine has been boxed into a corner by her husband’s desire to be alone.

Only the other day, at a golf match, poor Catherine was forced to tell the hungry press: ”She’s a cutie.”

The Mail reports that the clamour for Carys has gotten worse, and Michael was made to talk about his daughter at the opening of his new movie when he flashed up the infamous card.

And to think it all could have been avoided had Michael and Catherine just been brave enough to talk about themselves for once.

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