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Penny Dreadful

by | 21st, May 2003

‘IF only the introverted Douglas clan could take a leaf out of the Penny Lancaster book.

”Have you noticed me, yet?”

Rod Stewart’s latest squeeze is appearing everywhere this morning, seen as she is gyrating and prancing about like a…well, like her boyfriend used to.

The Express shows five shots of Penny ”grooving” at a Monte Carlo nightclub.

The Sun ups the ante with six shots of the same, while the Mirror takes its readers though a 10-step photographic casebook into looking like a lap dancer who’s lost her pole.

The Mirror also includes a further shot of the classless evening, showing Rod seated alongside Penny’s father Graham, who at 57 is one year younger than the singer.

The middle-aged duo are seen applauding Penny’s gyrations, which the Mail says lasted 30 minutes, and smiling broadly.

Well, one of them is. Graham looks as pleased as punch at how talented his daughter is, while Rod looks incredulous at best – and fearful at worst.

If only he had a photo to hide behind…

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