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Char Down

by | 21st, May 2003

‘LOOKING at the awfulness of How Clean Is Your House (C4 8:30), you have to wonder what shows fail to make it past the pitch stage.

The charlady’s one-woman show was a knock-out

How bad must they be for this eight-part programme about a charlady who cleans up other people’s waste to be made? And what on earth is on cable television at this time? Decorating With Pasta Shapes?

Channel 4 clearly believes that anything about the house makes good telly. There are shows about painting houses, buying houses, moving houses and building houses. So why not one about cleaning them?

The show might have been sold under the label ”too clever by ‘alf”, where rubbish television shows us rubbish on television? Ah, the genius of it all.

Alternatively it might just be rubbish without any frills.

Housekeeper Kim Woodburn does her best to give it the Hyacinth Bucket slant, but this show, like her on too many occasions, misses a bit.

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