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Ed Rest

by | 21st, May 2003

‘ON account of the impending birth of the poor creature who will have to call Prince Edward ”daddy”, Sophie Wessex has not accompanied said husband on a tour of the Caribbean.

No Wessexes please, we’re British

Sadly, Edward’s dresser appears also to have stayed at home, as have the first Lord of the Mirror, Sir Horace Hat-Maker and a large chunk of the inhabitants of Grand Cayman.

What we are left with is a typically sorry sight of Eddie done up like a geriatric kipper walking along in the belief that a) people know who he is and b) people think he’s Stephen Spielberg.

All he could do was threaten them that Sophie would be with him ”next time”.

If ever there were a time for the poor peoples of Grand Cayman to go independent of the Crown it is now.

As it is, Eddie was only in town for four days, what with the demands of being so loved, he was needed for three days in Barbados and a further two in Jamaica.

Which must mean he’s now due some time off.

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