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Senor Hitler, I Presume

by | 22nd, May 2003

‘THE laws of probability have never mattered much to conspiracy theorists.

Peruvian farmer Miguel De Las Reyas

They want to believe that successive moon landings were faked, that JFK was assassinated by the CIA, that Princess Diana was bumped off by MI5 and that Adolf Hitler didn’t die in a Berlin bunker at the end of World War II.

Do they not find it amazing that no plausible witness has ever come forward during the intervening years to confirm the theory?

After all, organisations struggle to keep a secret from one day to the next – and think of the money one of the Apollo astronauts could make by confessing that he had never stepped foot on the moon.

But conspiracy theories do serve one purpose – they support a whole industry of books, films and TV documentaries, such as Channel 4’s Secret History tonight, Hitler Of The Andes.

The hour-long documentary investigates claims that Hitler faked his own death and fled to South America, where legendary FBI director J Edgar Hoover apparently spent 11 years trying to track him down.

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