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Writing Wrongs

by | 23rd, May 2003

‘IN a land with no shortage of prancing, vain fools (see FOUR series of Big Brother), it seems odd that Prince Philip is still seen as ”rude”.

”Look at those blithering idiots!” ”Just ignore the children, dear”

That’s what the Sun says he is, so it must be true. And the evidence can be found when he turned up to meet and greet locals at Sheffield’s Fir View school.

”Were you here in the bad old days?” asked the Prince of a gaggle of parents. The women nodded. ”That’s why you can’t read and write then!” he replied.

To the Sun this means that the Prince is ”write rude”. And that he ”says mums are dunces”.

Although, all the school’s headmaster, Hugh Howe, can say is that ”the royal visit has left staff and pupils with some wonderful memories”.

Which only time and the lack of a pen prevents them from putting down on paper…

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