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Les Goes Down

by | 23rd, May 2003

‘LES Battersby, the Rodney King of Weatherfield, went to court this week. After telling Curly that she was going to tell the truth, Emma changed her mind at the last minute and ensured that Les was given six months at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

”It wasn’t me either”

Now it’s Emma who’s facing her own sentence, as Curly proceeds to act with self-righteous moral indignation. ”I thought you were better than that,” he sniffed. ”You’ve let me down.” Mick on the other hand is delighted. ”He got what he deserved,” he told Janice over a celebratory pint.

Kirk has vowed to clear Les’ name, which is a bit like having Forrest Gump as your legal representative.

Karen and Joe could well be seeing the inside of a prison cell soon, as their plan to defraud Mike out of his factory gets out of hand. Mike has handed over the running of Underworld to them as he attempts to bond with son Adam, who’s run away from school.

”I want it all,” Joe told Karen as he showed her round a penthouse show flat, ”together we can do it babe.” As the pair are more Terry and June than Bonnie and Clyde it’s a pretty safe bet that they’re going to end up getting caught.

Dev is back from India a changed man. To show he’s turned into a caring, sharing New Man, the wardrobe department has put him in an embroidered waistcoat and given him facial hair Catweazel would have been proud of.

Dev has decided to settle down and mend his Peter Stringfellow-like ways by marrying Sunita. He hasn’t actually mentioned this to Sunita yet, though.

Another unlikely romance developing on the Street is Martin and Katie. The middle-aged father of three and the schoolgirl are getting disturbingly close as they train together for a fun run. ”She’s a very attractive girl isn’t she?” he said to Roy. Which just goes to show how old Martin really must be – his eyesight is going. ‘

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