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Looking For Trouble

by | 27th, May 2003

‘WHAT Ron Davies and John the lorry driver started, the Times continues, inviting us to take a long hard look at badgers.

Friends say Ron Davies was asking for Trouble

News is that just weeks after a badger ran amok, gnawing and slashing his way round Evesham, Worcestershire, another has turned on human kind.

”Dozens” of families in the Tredworth region of Gloucestershire are living in the thrall of a furious black and white beast known as Trouble.

”I’m scared to go out at night with that thing there, and so is my husband,” says local resident Marjorie Dennis.

And it seem she’s not alone, as the paper says that many residents in the rural town are too terrified to go at after dark, a time when badgers take over the streets.

Trouble is being hunted. But we must ask why it is that badgers are becoming more aggressive? What has trigged such a change in their behaviour?

Badger enthusiast Mr Davies is unavailable for comment, but it is widely believed that badgers mate for life. Take away their love and risk taking away their meaning.

Remember that – a badger is for life. And don’t go looking for Trouble.

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