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Gest Of Honour

by | 27th, May 2003

‘SINCE the majority of David Gest is 50 years of age, the man seemingly made of wax threw a party for all his friends.

”I’m a great fan of David, er, Whatsisname”

And when Michael Jackson and Bubbles couldn’t make it – prior engagements and all – he let in the fist 400 hundred people who wanted as much publicity as they could eat and drink.

And OK! was in the vicinity and came along, watching as the likes of David’s dear and special friends Jessie Wallace, So Solid Crew singer Lisa Maffia and Jessica Taylor from Liberty X sashayed though the door of the Dorchester hotel on London’s Park Lane and made a beeline for the spot marked ”photo opportunity”.

In the dash to get their picture taken the likes of Blue’s Duncan James and Lee Ryan might have wondered who the odd looking chap with the dark glasses on was.

And we can tell them that his name is David Gest, and that’s his fizzy white wine and fish paste you’re pouring down your neck.

Now acquainted with the host, the guests were gushing in their praise for him.

”I’m really enjoying myself chatting to all the people here and I just love Liza Minelli,” says EastEnders’ actress Jessie Wallace.

Of course what she means to say is that she loves Liza and David both. After all, this is his party.

”I think Liza is amazing. She is an icon and I can’t believe I’ve been invited to the party,” says Jessica Taylor when asked to comment on David.

But before we can press her on how sexy David is, Claire Sweeney has pooped up.

”I’m a genuine Liza Minelli fan,” says Claire, ”and to be invited to her party is probably a dream come true. I’ve stood in the freezing cold in New York to get her autograph so to be here is a real honour.”

And then by way of human interest: ”I took my mum to see her in Victor Victoria – I’m just a massive fan.”

Of course Claire is wrong and it is not ”her” party, it is ”his” party, the birthday bash of David Gest, the man who could be a lifelike exhibit at Madame Tussaud’s – if only anyone knew who he was.

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