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A Right Tit

by | 27th, May 2003

‘IT’S rude to leave a party without thanking the host, and his wife, and OK! invites us to dally a while longer and share a few pleasantries with David and Liz.

Invited Gests

Cutting to the chase, the magazine asks how David feels about making it to 50.

”I never think about things in terms of age,” says David – a strange comment for man who has just had party to commemorate half a century of living.

”We have friends in every age group. There are people like Mary J Blige, Michael Jackson, Monica, Mya, Anastasia, Martine McCutcheon, Usher and Jane Russell.” And Claire Sweeney.

Having established his ‘people person’ credentials, David is free to talk about the friend who matters most, his lover Liza. The woman he must protect.

”If anybody tried to hurt Liza, I would kill them,” says David. ”I feel that strongly about her.”

And how safe she must feel knowing that David is there to shield her from the unwelcome attentions of weirdos and oddballs.

”The fact is I love the woman and I cannot go to sleep each night unless I am laying on her left breast,” he says.

”I still love her right breast, but her left breast is home and the comfort zone.”

He then asks: ”Who’d want to give that up?” Certainly not Liza, or any other woman in her right mind.

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