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Skirting The Issue

by | 28th, May 2003

‘FASHION is a serious business, especially for schoolgirls, who hanker for any opportunity to be like popstars and actresses.

Traci was having to rethink her outfit for school

But the Times reports that Anna Roxburgh, headmistress at Hamp Community School, a mixed-sex establishment in Bridgwater, Somerset, has taken exception to one item of clothing – she has banned thongs.

”The ban is in case they are seen by boys walking past the classroom or a male member of staff walks in the room,” says Mrs Roxburgh.

”Thongs may be a little revealing, particularly in the summer with girls wearing skirts.”

One solution would be to allow girls to wear trousers or shorts, thus maintaining their dignity in the face of leering boys and masters who just happen to look up their skirts.

But the real question is how the rule is to be administered. Will Mrs Roxburgh be lining up the gels each morning for a routine knicker check?

And what if one poor lass is caught in the forbidden thong? Will Mrs Roxburgh force her to remove the offending item?

Might be safer just to let things be, after all. Or expel all the boys.

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