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Big Borer

by | 28th, May 2003

‘THIS series of Big Brother is shaping up to be as boring as the ridiculous pedalo task the housemates have been forced to take on.

Jon tries to calculate what percentage of Anoushka’s boob he can see

A couple of days ago, Sissy actually started crying because she didn’t want to nominate any of her fellow inmates. What someone’s forgotten to explain to this lot of no-marks is that this is actually a game – and the object is to win.

Fat Gos and surly Tania have signed a mutual appreciation pact. ”I’d be happy if you win Big Brother, mate, then you could really take me out!” the chef served up for a starter. ”I think you’re wicked. You make me laugh,” was Tania’s main course.

And – for a particularly sugary and sticky dessert, Gos turned to the rest of the dire dozen and said: ”I think you’re all great people, such wicked people to get on with, it’s fantastic.”

Today is Steph’s birthday and we can only hope that a bit of booze destroys the peace in the house. Otherwise, it’s going to be a very long two and a half months…

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