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Supermum And Superbaby

by | 28th, May 2003

‘WHERE did Elle McPherson get the name of her second son from – a scrabble dictionary?

Heaving a Cy

Cy might be worth only seven points in the normal course of events, but could prove invaluable at using up a stray ‘y’ and taking advantage of a double word score.

Not that Elle has got time for scrabble – she’s too busy being a supermother (looking after Cy and Flynn), a superwife (looking after partner Arki) and a supermodel.

And anyway, Cy is not just Cy. He is Aurelius Cy Andrea.

”Aurelius is after the wonderful Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius,” she says (which doesn’t really explain why they didn’t opt for Marcus).

”I think it’s a very strong name. Cy is after the artist Cy Twombly, whose paintings I love, and Andrea is a family name of Arki’s side.”

And also a girl’s name, but we’ll let that pass and ask about whether Elle sees herself as a supermum.

”I’m just a mother. I think that’s the best you can be – you don’t have to be a supermother,” she says.

”Anyway, all mothers are superstars because we have so much on our plate: raising children, running a household, being a wife. For me, I’m simply a mother, which is in itself a big job.”

But one that is made easier with the help of a supernanny, a supercook, a supergardener…

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