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Donald, Where’s Your Weapons?

by | 29th, May 2003

‘IN the end, after months of political wrangling and accusations, the only weapons of mass destruction so far seen in Iraq were those sent tumbling from American warplanes and fired by the joint American and British fleet in the Gulf.

A two-headed monster

We still await the discovery of those ominous weapons of mass destruction, the tools of Saddam Hussein’s trade in butchery and terror that gave the war so much of its legitimacy.

And the news is that they may never be found. The Independent has heard from Donald Rumsfeld, the American defence secretary, who was asked where the weapons are.

”It is…possible that they [Iraq] decided that they would destroy them prior to a conflict and I don’t know the answer,” came the thin reply.

To the paper, the case for war has been ”blown apart”. It’s a view shared by some politicians who speak to the Telegraph. Jeremy Corbyn, a Labour MP for Islington, no less, says that an attempt might now be made to try President Bush and Tony Blair for embarking on an ”illegal” conflict.

Robin Cook, the gnomish vanity case is quick to push out his little chest, contort his body, pat himself on the back and say how his decision to quit the Cabinet in protest over the Iraq situation has been vindicated.

Sadly Cook is the last one to realise what a largely irrelevant figure he has become, and the Guardian leads instead with Blair’s postwar tour of Iraq, which starts today.

Speaking from his plane, the PM is in bullish mood. ”I have said throughout and I repeat I have absolutely no doubt about the existence of weapons of mass destruction.”

He then lightly fingered his man bag, through which the words ”Super Soaker Spud Gun” could be plainly seen.

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