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Know Your Bananas

by | 29th, May 2003

‘IF Tony Blair thinks answering questions on Iraq is fraught with danger, he should try a few of the questions posed in the Times.

Oxbridge candidate does a bit of revision

”What effect on the whole of society does someone crashing into a lamppost have?” Another? ”Is the Eurovison Song Contest an example of living nationalism?”

And, though not strictly a question, but nonetheless a statement designed to invite a response: ”Tell me about a banana.”

These are some of the questions that candidates to Oxford and Cambridge universities have had tossed at them during interview for entry.

The Telegraph also sees the questions, which came to light in a survey of 1,000 Oxbridge applicants conducted by Oxbridge Application, a firm that trains wannabe students to get into their college of choice.

John Uffindell, the company’s founder, explains: ”By doing research on what these questions are, we hope to equip the candidate with answers to questions that may come up.”

Sadly, he forgets to give the answers to the aforesaid three puzzlers.

However, in conference with Donald Rumsfeld, we have studied the problems and can reveal the answers to be, in no particular order, ”No”, ”Yes”, and ”I don’t know”.

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