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Blues In The Red

by | 29th, May 2003

‘MORE proof that the Conservatives’ glory days are over comes with the Times’ front-page story that the Tories are no longer a ”viable” business.

Not a viable leader of not a viable party

The paper reports that independent auditors, PricewaterhouseCoopers, have told the Tory party that there is not enough income to guarantee the party’s survival.

After the last General Election, there was a surplus of £1.1 million in the Conservatives’ jam jar. However, the situation has darkened and the party is now just under £9m in debt.

And when you’re the team in blue, being in the red is no good thing.

”It is worrying,” says one unnamed senior Tory. ”The auditors have raised us the fear that we are no longer a going concern because spending outstrips income.”

But why worry? With the ship going down with all hands, best resign yourself to fate and drink up the last of the good stuff. Chin-chin.

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