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Peddling Crap

by | 29th, May 2003

‘KNOWING how awful and dull the pedalo challenge was, the producers of Big Brother asked the audience of Big Brother’s Little Brother to come up with ideas for other, better, team-building exercises.

Nush hears the bad news – there’s another two months to go

The high quality of suggestions – learn five yo-yo tricks; keep a slave; assemble flat-packed furniture – told we the audience one thing: being a TV creative type is as easy as, well, pedalling a pedalo.

Sadly, that task proved a bridge too far for Federico, who proved that models have brains to boast of by failing to understand the most basic of rules. Having been told not to leave the pedalo, he left the pedalo – to get a piece of gum.

For his sins, Federico was allowed to live in the house for a while longer. But he was sorry. ”I’m really sorry,” said the Scot. ”It was negligence and I shouldn’t have done it.”

Quite. But he’s no more to blame for failure than the fool who thought up the test. Can it get any worse?

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