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by | 30th, May 2003

‘IF only Prince William had continued to study the module in Middle East studies, we would now surely be one giant step closer to achieving peace in that troubled region.

Wills – the epitome of cool

Sadly, he dropped it. But, as the Times reports, his degree in Art History has taught him plenty about social anthropology, moral philosophy and geography.He’s a well-rounded lad is Britain’s future king – he knows who is he, what he is and where he is.

And in an interview with the Press Association, reproduced in today’s papers, we get to hear that he’s now turning his flick-knife brain to learning Swahili, what the Times calls the lingua franca of East Africa.

”It’s an odd language to learn,” says Wills in the Telegraph, ”but I wanted to do something that was very specialised.” Although being a young Prince is far from routine.

But before he can be pressed further he’s off and running. Over three large photographs the Telegraph shows the man who will be king carrying a rugby ball, kicking a rugby ball and then putting his socks back on ”after a dash through the sea”.

Such is the praise helped upon him by the Telegraph that the paper’s writer must have been agog that the Prince even bothered to take his socks off and didn’t simple skip over the waves like a messianic pebble.

But if William is anything, he is grounded. We hear in the Guardian that the prince was a little homesick when he started life at St Andrew’s University, Edinburgh.

”I went home and talked to my father during the holidays,” he said, ”and throughout that time debated about whether to come back – not seriously debating it – but it did cross my mind.”

Of course, he was never really on his own, not with Uncle Eddie’s camera crew relaying his every movement back to the palace.

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