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by | 30th, May 2003

‘BLESSEDLY, this country still produces some great artists and art. And if you like painting with elephant poo and seeing dirty knickers in bed, then the Turner Prize is a must.

Claire – if ever an artist so rare

To the Culture Minister, Kim Howells, as the Independent reminds us, the prize is a study in ”cold, mechanical, conceptual bullshit”.

Looking at some of the works on show, we wait with baited breath for Mr Howell’s appraisal of this year’s contest.

Meanwhile, the Guardian takes us through the shortlist, spotting Dinos and Jake Chapman’s McDonald’s munching statues, Willie Doherty’s videos of people running, running, running, and Anya Gallaccio’s organic sculptures.

But the one who will surely hog the limelight in the coming days is Grayson Perry, whose multimedia art takes second place to the fact that he’s also a transvestite called Claire.

Who will win? Place your bets…now. But our money’s on Ms Short.

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