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by | 30th, May 2003

‘WHEN David Beckham went to Africa, he got braids in his hair. When Victoria Beckham went to the United States, she got a bigger set of boobs.

”Dad, dad, let us out of here…”

Or so says the Star, which pictures the artist formerly known as Miss Adams on its front page and wonders ”My, how she’s grown…”

Apparently, amazed onlookers in New York were asking: ”Where did you get those boobs?”

To which the answer, as anyone who is anyone in the Big Apple would know, is Mr Bust on the corner of Fifth and 42nd.

But what is Mrs B’s new bust in aid of, you ask – other than giving Mr B something extra to chew on of an evening.

The former Posh Spice and her footballer husband were dining, we hear, with US rap mogul Damon Dash, and it seems we can expect a new direction from our Vicky.

And an insider tells the Star: ”It’s amazing stuff. You’d have no idea it was Posh singing on the tracks. It’s a complete transformation.”

Singing, bigger boobs…not quite complete, but a transformation nevertheless.

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