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The Great Redeemer

by | 30th, May 2003

‘FOR the second time this year, Britain was hotter than Rio yesterday – which means…pictures of girls in bikinis.

Blix finally spots a big weapon in Iraq

”Sun-starved Brits stripped off,” says the Sun, to take advantage of temperatures of 80 degrees C.

Rio De Janeiro, by contrast, only managed a ”paltry” 73 degree C – not bad considering it’s the middle of winter in Brazil.

All this sun has sent our beloved Prime Minister Tony Blair to Iraq, not for his summer holidays, but to say a big thank you to our brave boys in the Gulf.

And no sooner had he arrived than spontaneously a five-year-old boy called Abbas Adnan leapt into the Prime Minister’s arms and gave him a bunch of roses and a kiss on the cheek.

Which the Sun photographer just happened to catch.

And the Mail just happened to hear the children sing ”We love Tony Blair” – from the printed song-sheets handed out only five minutes earlier by Alastair Campbell.

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