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Pig And Muck

by | 30th, May 2003

‘THERE are many things that could symbolise America better than the bald eagle or the good ol’ stars and stripes.

God bless America

In time to come, when the last eagle has been stuffed and mounted and Old Glory has so many stars on it – what with British and Caribbean inclusion – that it looks like a pincushion, America will look for a new symbol of what they are.

A pair of huge fake breasts will be tried out. The Presidential seal will take on an X-rated tilt, so soon be done away with in favour of a hamburger, a Stetson hat or a semi-automatic weapon in a handbag.

But this week’s National Enquirer has come up with an alternative image that seems to epitomise all that is good and bad with American life.

The entire episode runs as follows. ”Following dinner at Del Frisco’s Steak House, the hotblooded gals returned to Anna’s house, where they kicked her pet pig out of the bed and plunged into an all-night marathon lovemaking session.”

Refine now that image with the buxom charms of Anna Nicole Smith, married at the time to 86-year-old billionaire oilman J. Howard Marshall, and former nurse’s assistant Sandi Powledge.

Is this not a picture that shows how in America you can be whatever you want to be – and if you want to make it with a large porcine beast, then so be it?

And that goes for her pet pig, too.

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