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Slumming It

by | 2nd, June 2003

‘IF the heir to the throne cannot represent the sufferings of ordinary people to the Government, how else can it be done? Through a theme park, of course.

Queues for the rides were mercifully short

The Independent reports on a model shanty town being built in the US state of Georgia – based on some of the planet’s worst in Africa, Asia and Central America”.

But its job is not accommodate the poorest of the poor, but to educate the richest of the rich.

Habitat For Humanity, a non-profit group behind the idea, hopes that it will attract 70,000 visitors a year, despite having none of the rides of traditional theme parks.

Instead, children will get to make bricks and tiles in mock squalor and discover what it is like to live in a scorpion-infested shack.

And then go home and stuff their faces with McDonalds.

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