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Obtuse Angle

by | 2nd, June 2003

‘THE influence of television is so great that even farmers in Lincolnshire now talk like market traders in EastEnders, telling sheep to ”Sort it aht” and asking regulars at the village pub ”Who wants it?”

Kyle considered a new back and starting again

But help is on the way to save the next generation from a similar fate. The Mail says that youngsters who watch too much television are to be given lessons in speaking.

It’s a response to a recent Government survey that found that today’s three and four-year-old are less able to speak clearly, understand instructions and recite rhymes than children of the same age five years ago.

And this is important stuff, as the Sun tells us the story of Jane Ribchester who asked for the world ”Angel” to be tattooed on her back in memory of her late brother Mark.

She is now in tears as she peels off her top and reveals the word written in black ink on the small of her back: ”ANGLE.”

To those who have spotted the error, well done. Those who have not can get back to watching Teletubbies and Prime Minister’s Question Time…

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