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Get Well Soon

by | 3rd, June 2003

‘FOR a while now, we at Anorak have been advocating a new solution to the problems in the NHS – reducing the number of diseases.

Best get private health cover, Lisa

For instance, thousands of beds would be freed up every winter by the simple expedient of reclassifying ‘flu.

But we are pleased to see Labour have been even more innovative, with a report in today’s Times suggesting that patients will have to sign contracts with their doctors.

Initially, the paper says, these will apply to overweight people and to heavy smokers, who will have to promise to go on a diet or give up the cigarettes in return for treatment.

”Those who failed to keep their side of the bargain or kept missing appointments would be denied free care,” it says.

The Times suggests that the proposals come ”amid growing concern about the strain on the health service from avoidable illnesses”.

But it is surely only a matter of time before the arrangement is extended to other categories of people.

For instance, the lame will be forced to walk to see their GP, the blind will be forced to play a game of 501 (double in) and the deaf will be asked to guess the intro.

And very soon we will all have signed contracts with our doctors promising not to be ill.

A work of genius – Alan Milburn, we salute you…

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