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If The Shoe Fits

by | 3rd, June 2003

‘THE News of the World, the Sun’s sister paper, is ”surprised” and ”perplexed” that the five arrested on suspicion of plotting to kidnap the Beckhams have been cleared of all charges.

A soccer player and his wife

The Express is less shocked, leading with the news that the entire event was a ”sham” cooked up by an informant of dubious record in return for £10,000.

Whatever the truth or otherwise of the story, the Beckhams would be well advised to remain in America, where they can move around with anonymity.

Vicky and Dave’s free and easy lifestyle Stateside is witnessed in the Sun, as the pair went on a shopping trip to a Los Angeles shoe emporium.

Driven to the shop’s door in a plain and unremarkable limo, and in the company of an everyday phalanx of bodyguards, the pair surreptitiously ducked into the store.

Keen to play it low key they asked that the owner give them ”the Hollywood star treatment” and close up so they could shop in secret.

But it was not to be. ”I have no idea who you are,” said the shop owner. ”We get Britney Spears in here all the time and she never asks me to close!”

”We get stars all the time, they just get on with it.”

Yes, but this was Posh and Becks, the couple who don’t want to be recognised.

They just want to go about their business without drawing attention to themselves – and what better way than behind closed doors?

And having maintained such a plea, which the Mail says went on for half an hour, the owner relented and hung a closed sign on the door.

Ten minutes later the pair and their bags sloped out of the store and slid into a waiting car.

Their hunger not be recognised was only spoilt when Dave hit the button that worked the Tannoy on the car’s roof and Posh screamed out: ”Don’t you know who I am?”

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