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This Is God Calling

by | 4th, June 2003

‘IF the evidence for Saddam Hussein’s existence is sketchy, what about the evidence for the existence of God?

”Yeah, I know you’re the way, the truth and the light, but how do I get to Camberwell?”

A burning bush a few thousand years ago and a flash of light on the road to Damascus would hardly stand up to much examination in court.

Small wonder, you might think, that fewer and fewer young people are going to church to worship a bearded man who none of them have ever seen.

But enough about Jeremy Beadle – a church in Wales has decided it’s not the message that’s wrong, but how the message is delivered.

And so, according to the Independent, it has launched a national text-message service that send words of Biblical wisdom to your mobile.

W2LB (or Words To Live By – for anyone over the age of 17) gives subscribers a thrice-weekly spiritual boost with a specially chosen verse from the Bible.

The word of the Lord costs 25p a pop (of which 4p goes to charity).

However, for our beloved Prime Minister, a keen Christian himself, we at Anorak are happy to provide this service gratis.

And today’s verse is… Jesus wept.

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