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Brought To Heel

by | 4th, June 2003

‘HAVING been mauled by Vanessa Feltz, Ulrika Jonsson is today on the receiving end of Nancy Dell’Olio’s spiky Italian tongue.

Memoirs of an Italian Geisha

The woman who still shares the bed of England football manager Sven Goran Eriksson – even after his affair with the Swedish former weathergirl – has ”let rip” in the Express.

”I have never thought of any woman as my rival for a single second,” says Nancy. ”It is not even worth discussing.”

Dismissive of Ulrika’s allure, Nancy is, however, keen to tell more about what she and Sven like to get up to of an evening.

To give readers a clue what to expect, the Express punctuates its story with a question, to which readers can reply via two phone numbers: ”Do women exist to please men?”

Clearly the answer to that is…well, let’s first see what Nancy thinks, her views transcribed by the Mail.

”My priority is to please my man and that gives me more pleasure than anything else,” she says.

”I would describe myself more like a geisha than the one wearing the trousers.”

And like a typical Japanese prostitute, she is not married to the man she serves, although she is committed to Sven.

”It is important to believe in your relationship,” she adds. ”You can’t walk away when things get difficult.”

Especially not if you’ve left your Cuban heels outside your Swedish lover’s bedroom door…

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