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A Van Damme Shame

by | 4th, June 2003

‘PITY the poor Big Brother reporter at the Sun who must gamefuly try each day to whip up enthusiasm for a show that looks like a fly-on-the-wall documentary about a reunited cub-scout troop.

”That Federico – he’s a dead man…”

Today’s effort is the ”Save Our Jon” campaign. Note there the ”our,” a sign that Jon has been taken to very bosom of the organ, and so the country.

Jon, of course, the losers’ loser, has wrapped himself in the mattered and tatty coat of the underdog.

But if you think it’s a poor lot over here, the Express take a look at what’s going in the French version, where the show’s producers have called in help to enliven a dying show.

Responding to an advert – which could have run something like ”Show-off needed. Actors need not apply” – Jean-Claude Van Damme, the infamous Muscles From Brussels, is to be the newest housemate.

This development make the Express question who we would like to be sent to the Big Brother house.

The list on offer includes the likes of Phil Tufnell, Tracy Shaw, Clare Short and John Prescott – all fine candidates to be shut away from the eyes of all but the Sun’s impoverished reporter for a few months.

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