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Sins Of The Fathers

by | 4th, June 2003

‘IT was inevitable that when Prince William gave an interview to the Press Association, Hello! would make less of a meal and more of a ten-course banquet from it.

Any military genes in your family, Major Hewitt?

The guts of the interview have been in the public realm for a while now – ”Everybody thinks I drink beer but I actually like cider” – leaving Hello! with the job of gilding the lily.

Volleying off more shots than a pheasant hunt, Hello! blasts readers with picture after picture of Prince Wills in various stages of sublime contentment.

If this were not enough, we are also treated to 21 headshots of the prince, a suitable number for a man who is soon to be 21 years of age – and more than handy for a game of darts.

And as Wills grows to look more like his mother, his brother gets ever more interested in military matters, a favourite pursuit of mummy’s special friend, the ginger love rat James Hewitt.

”Prince Harry’s zest for command and military action clearly shines through,” fawns the magazine’s caption of three pictures of ginger Harry running around with a gun and then firing it.

Harry is then seen taking on the role of parade commander, marching 48 cadets from Eton’s Combined Cadets Force onto the college fields.

It’s enough to make a watching Prince Charles beam with pride – and perhaps wonder whose genes the young chap has inherited…

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