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Little Mo And A Little Mouse

by | 4th, June 2003

‘IS it any wonder EastEnders is haemorrhaging viewers when their biggest storyline of the week is Billy’s attempts to catch a mouse?

”The mouse went thatta way…”

Little Mo moved out of the flat, issuing Billy with an ultimatum that she wouldn’t be returning until he disposed of it. There then followed a week of ‘hilarious’ scenes featuring Billy and Paul being outwitted by a mouse (no surprise there, then) as they tried to catch and dispose of it.

Billy finally did what he should have done in the first place and poisoned the mouse but of course, as soon as Little Mo found out, she moved out again. At what point in a scriptwriters’ meeting does a storyline like this seem a good idea?

Other highlights recently include Ricky pretending he’s the next Poet Laureate by passing Gus’ poems off as his own and Alfie hiring a male stripper for the Vic. No wonder Peggy’s jumped ship and moved to Brazil.

New family the Ferreiras moved into Walford this week. In a blatant attempt to address criticisms that Walford is about as representative of the real East End as a Guy Ritchie film, they’ve recruited a new Asian family.

Dad Dan welcomed guests to their housewarming party dressed as Elvis to show that hey! Asians can be whacky too. The Ferreiras are set to have a run-in with the Slaters as it turns out that they too run a clothing stall – I suppose we should be thankful that they’re not running a corner shop.

Martin is finding it difficult to settle back into family life after his stint in prison. After persuading Vicky to take part in the Great Mini Mart Robbery, he’s now managed to lose Derek his job in the garden centre by refusing to go back to work on the stall.

Vicky has taken a leaf out of her uncle’s book and decided to spend the rest of her life on her arse, claiming the world owes her a living.

Sharon has agreed she can stay in England, providing she gets a job. She confided in Spencer that she’s planning on doing so badly in her interview that she’ll never get the job.

I fear her plan may backfire though – she somehow managed to pass the audition for Eastenders.

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