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by | 5th, June 2003

‘IT does not take a huge leap of the imagination to get from President Clinton to salami, especially when we discover that the salami in question is not quite what it says it is.

”Last one there’s a salami”

The Times reports that the Food Standards Agency have discovered a secret ingredient in Safeway’s gourmet salami – horse meat.

The paper says traces of the meat were found in a 200g pack of L’Artibon Peppered Salami and a 250g pack of Cervelat Salami, as well as pre-packed Bernardi Gastone Italian wild boar.

”Samples of cold meat are now to be collected from supermarkets, delicatessens, catering companies and wholesalers nationwide to find out the scale of the problem,” it says.

Safeway insist that there were no traces of horse in a second test on the products, which are still on supermarket shelves.

But rather than curling our lips up and shying away from the supermarket cold meats section, we should be rushing to snap up the remaining packs.

Steve Bridgeman, a director of Alvini, which supplied the meat, said: ”Horse and donkey meat fetch premium prices and should not have got anywhere near this lower-value product.”

And they’re under starter’s orders…

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