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What’s Up, Doc?

by | 9th, June 2003

‘PHYSICIANS are being urged to heal their English. The Times reports that the NHS is spending thousands of pounds each year instructing health workers to write better patient notes.

”I am sorry to tell you that you are dead”

The paper says that badly written notes are part of the growing problem of patient claims for compensation.

Over the past three years, claims have risen by £100 million, and many of them, according to NHS Trusts, would not have been successful had the doctors and nurses written proper notes.

For our knowledge, the paper lists a few of the choice mistakes that have been made.

”In one instance, a worker at an emergency ward told a woman’s children that their mother was dead.

”DOA” had been written on her notes. Dead on arrival? No. Date of admission. She was fine.

Another patient was incensed at being called a ”son of a bitch”. The SOB on her notes turned her red with rage.

Which was a shame since she suffered from Shortness Of Breath (see notes).

And so it goes on.

But the remedy is surely for all notes to be written by Gordon Brown and his team.

After a series of confusing tests, patients will be advised to sit tight, not to worry and to see what happens.

And then die.

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