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by | 9th, June 2003

‘IF you have tears to shed, prepare to shed them now – One True Voice are no more.

”Does my bum look like Kylie’s in this?”

Singer Daniel Pearce (the one true voice in the band) will tell the other four wannabes that he is quitting after their second single only just limped into the Top 10.

It is only six months since the band was formed on last year’s Popstars II as rivals to Girls Aloud.

But, while the boys lick their wounds and go back to flipping burgers in the local McDonalds, Girls Aloud are going from strength to strength.

The Star has a picture of them performing at yesterday’s mini-Party In The Park in Southampton, alongside the likes of Jennifer Ellison, Cheeky Girls and Lisa Scott Lee.

The ex-Steps star is so desperate to become the new British Kylie that she has been sticking her bum at the lens of any available camera.

Now she has even had her hair done a la Kylie, is wearing the same clothes as Kylie and has started dancing like her as well.

If she suddenly reveals that she has a less talented and less attractive sister clinging to her coat-tails, we will start to get really worried…

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