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by | 9th, June 2003

‘GIVEN that the muppet Federico is still in the house, you would have thought the housemates would be keen to bet the minimum 50% on their weekly task – a bell-ringing exercise.

Strange man seen in Big Brother house

But, for some reason trusting that the woeful Scot can’t mess it three times in a row, they have plumped for 65%, meaning that failure will leave them only 52p per person per day to live on.

”All it takes is one wrong bell,” observed Ray. And, if they want to eat like kings next week, they should bet 100% of their food budget that that wrong bell will be in the hands of…Federico.

Meanwhile, Tania has got the hump with Ray after he made a lewd suggestion to her. ”I’ve never been spoken to like that in my whole life,” she moaned. ”He made me feel like a whore.” Hardly – he didn’t even offer to pay.

Finally, even from outside the house, Justine is casting a suitably large shadow over proceedings.

Rivalling Jon’s decision to take condoms with him into the house for ‘wishful thinking’, she said: ”I think I will be missed.” Yeah – and Jon will get his leg over tonight…

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