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A Real Character

by | 10th, June 2003

‘JESSIE Wallace is the sexiest woman in soaps. She is not the sexiest woman in soap, just the sexiest woman in soap operas.

”And I look nuffink like ‘er neever!”

It’s the kind of subtle difference we must hold in mind when we see OK!’s interview with the soap – not soapy – sex symbol.

OK! is keen to press its claim that Jessie is not at all like her soap character, Kat Slater.

”You wonder where on earth she conjures Kat Slater up from,” OK! says. Whereas Kat is a tart-faced slapper, Jessie is ”quietly spoken” and ”sweet-natured”.

Cue the first question: ”Jessie, can you tell us why you were suspended for two months from EastEnders recently?” ”It was just breach of contract,” says Jessie. ”I was late a few times.” Odd for a character far removed from the unruly Kat.

She’s just got to let her true self shine through and not let that loud, brash cow take over. Jessie agrees. ”I’ll end up an old woman smelling of cat’s pee if I’m not careful.”

Demure has nothing on Jessie.

And so we move on, progressing through questions about Jessie’s alleged fight with fellow EastEnder Hannah Waterman, her drinking, how the only position summer lover Andy Burton knew how to do was ”line dancing” and her recent court appearance.

It’s amazing how far removed from the woman she plays on screen she is. For starters, Kat hasn’t been to court.

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