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Watch Wiv Muvver

by | 10th, June 2003

‘GREAT news for those who think children should be seen and not heard.

Nick Cotton – a good role model for children?

The Times has noticed a survey by the Broadcasting Standards Commission and notes that children are watching up to two-and-a-half hours of television a day.

The even better news is that just 30 minutes of that is children’s programming, with the rest dedicated to shows intended for an adult audience.

Reading between the 650 lines, this means that children who would otherwise be getting pregnant, joyriding or smashing up the bus stops are choosing to burn their retinas instead.

But let’s not get the champagne corks out just yet, as the report also says that the most popular show among the ankle-biting fraternity is EastEnders.

Which means that although they’re indoors, the little loves are probably planning to sleep with their siblings or murder their parents. But, no matter, it’s only telly…

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