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Secret Match

by | 10th, June 2003

‘IT is all the rage in showbiz circles at the moment – getting married in secret and seeing how long you can last before blurting out the happy news.

”And this time it really is for ever…”

So, congratulations to Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes who announced yesterday that they have been man and wife for the past fortnight.

The luvvie couple got hitched while on holiday in the West Indies – in the garden of a sun-kissed villa with only three friends and Kate’s daughter Mia in attendance.

The Mail calls it ”the best-kept secret in showbusiness”, which it clearly isn’t as it is in all the papers this morning.

”We hadn’t been planning to do it,” 27-year-old Kate told the paper, ”but we thought it was rather a good idea, so we just did it.”

Just as five years ago Kate thought it was rather a good idea to marry Jim Threapleton.

Both sets of parents were told only when the couple returned to England.

Kate’s father Roger said: ”We are very, very pleased for Kate and Mia. I am very happy to have Jim, er, Sam as a son-in-law and, more importantly, Kate is over the moon.”

Kate and Sam are by no means the only couple to have been married in secret in recent years – actress Halle Berry and musician Eric Benet’s wedding was so secret the groom doesn’t seem to have realised he’s married two years later.

Both Luciano Pavarotti and Kenneth Branagh tied the knot in secret earlier this year, only telling the papers after the job was done.

But these are only the ones we know about. Rumour has it that Dale Winton and Cilla Black have secretly been man and wife for the past five years.

And there are those who claim to have witnessed the bizarre ceremony in which Fern Britton pledged her eternal love to a giant cream cake.

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